Broadcast.org Media Foundation (“the Foundation”) is a non-profit organization structured as a 501(c)(3) registered in the state of Florida. The foundation is dedicated to bringing quality educational content to the global community. Using the latest technologies of interactive television, streaming video and on demand video interfaces, the organization will provide non-commercial, educational and conscientious content to people within reach of a broadcast or telecommunication channel. We will also license content that was previously unavailable to production facilities for use in development of third party programming. By doing so, we will become a video aggregator for non-profit and educational organization around the world. The Foundation will be funded by contributions, subscriptions and licenses for the content.



No longer limited to a few constructs, family is now expressed in many diverse variations bridging color, race, religion, ethnicity, gender and age. Regardless of how it looks from the outside, the heart and spirit of family is the same. These are the people who are fiercely committed to our well-being and support us in times of challenge. They are our champions when we wonder if we can achieve a goal and challenge us to dream even bigger, when we do. They express love with simple everyday gestures and help us remain true to ourselves.


Around the globe, entire organizations are committed to environmental causes involving climate change, conservation, energy, genetic engineering, land use, nuclear issues, overpopulation, ozone depletion, pollution, toxins and waste. Our planet is worthy of protecting and preserving. The unexplored opportunities are vast and the time for action is now.

Personal Growth

Clearing, healing, and cleansing are essential to the path of expansion. As we do the inner work necessary (micro) to make a wider, global impact (macro), we embrace ever-greater opportunities for inspiration and leadership. Building an adaptable, robust and rich core ensures that we are equipped for the future, however that looks. And with ongoing education and collaborating with others who share this journey, together we access infinite possibility.

Health & Wellness

Science has now proven that well-being is actually directed, influenced and created by our conscious and subconscious thought patterns. In the worlds of both allopathic and alternative care, new discoveries are made every week that defy genetics. When we#understand that physical health is within our ability to positively shape and shift, we can deliberately create and maintain vibrant wellness throughout every phase of life.

Social Entrepreneurship

As we assume full ownership of creating our collective future, we discover more ways to conduct business with integrity and purpose. Beyond business for profit, we have a responsibility to identify and solve social problems on a global scale. Opportunities abound to be change-agents for society by improving systems, inventing and disseminating new approaches and advancing sustainable solutions that create social value.


The future of Mother Earth depends on our collective, focused efforts to embrace and nurture long-term ecological balance. By creating systems that repair existing planetary impact, and replacing outdated approaches with fresh innovation, we allow natural resources to flourish for a promising and prosperous global future. Education on this topic is crucial; we only have one planet Earth.