Our Values

The foundation takes stewardship with focus on making a contribution to the positive development of human kind. The specific areas of interest are organized under seven “pillars”:

SUSTAINABILITY: a prominent focus for saving/supporting Mother Earth. The emphasis is in creating systems that repair the impact that's already been made and replacing outdated approaches with new ones that allow natural resources to flourish, thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. Education on this topic is crucial; we only have one planet Earth.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: To assure full ownership of our individual and collective circumstances, we discover more ways to conduct business with integrity and purpose. Conscious business ownership creates a new model of integrating personal beliefs and a unified message that it is our responsibility to use our money-generating endeavors to better all of humankind.

SCIENCE: Exploring new discoveries that are made every day that astonish and amaze even the staunchest scientists, who are now saying that they are unable to explain recent events. What an exciting time to witness expansion in the field that was once considered separate from spiritual exploration. The two are merging right before our eyes!

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: The key components for vital living, exploring new discoveries by experts who have no logical explanations for what they’re witnessing. Health & wellness, it turns out, is directed by us. When we understand that our well being is influenced by our conscious or subconscious patterns, we can make better choices and experience dramatic results.

ENVIRONMENT: Addressing key issues such as climate change, conservation, energy, genetic engineering, land use, nuclear issues, overpopulation, ozone, depletion, pollution, toxins or waste, our planet requires focused attention on this matter now.

HUMAN RIGHTS AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: Exploring the areas of human rights and social justice on global issues that affect the every nation, every culture and every person on the planet. Our education will be in the understanding of these key issues and means in which social justice can be obtained.