Human Rights & Social Justice

Human Rights & Social Justice is exploding as a focus of the new paradigm. The Occupy movement, the Arab Spring, and flash mobs are examples of people demonstrating their discontent with maintaining the status quo. Things are changing rapidly; nothing will remain the same. The people of the planet are waking in greater numbers and coming together to demand changes in leadership and direction.


Environment is a prominent discussion in many circles. Entire organizations are committed to environmental causes. Whether we address climate change, conservation, energy, genetic engineering, land use, nuclear issues, overpopulation, ozone depletion, pollution, toxins or waste, our planet requires focused attention on this matter now.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness are key components for vital living. Like science, this pillar is emerging with new discoveries by experts who have no logical explanations for what they're witnessing. Health & wellness, it turns out, is directed by us. We create our experience. When we understand that our well-being is influenced by our conscious or subconscious patterns, we can make better choices and experience dramatic results.


Science knows no limits. New discoveries are made every day that astonish and amaze even the staunchest scientists, who are now saying that they are unable to explain recent events. What an exciting time to witness expansion in the field that was once considered separate from spiritual exploration. The two are merging right before our eyes!

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is on the rise; dramatically. As we assume full ownership of our individual and collective circumstances, we discover more ways to conduct business with integrity and purpose. Conscious business ownership creates a new model of integrating personal beliefs and a unified message that it is our responsibility to use our money-generating endeavors to better all of humankind.


Sustainability has become a prominent focus among groups with different visions of saving/supporting Mother Earth. The emphasis is in creating systems that repair the impact that's already been made and replacing outdated approaches with new ones that allow natural resources to flourish, thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. Education on this topic is crucial; we only have one planet Earth.